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Music in Mauritius

Like its mosaic population, Mauritius is traversed by sounds and rhythms from the Indies, China, Africa and Europe, but its sega remains the matrix song of this land swept by slavery and whipped by cyclones. The sega is of African inspiration and originally expresses the pain, but also, the sensuality of the Africans torn from their land. It is accompanied, at the base, by a cylindrical drum called ravane, the centrepiece of the séga, a kind of drum carved out of Chinese treasure wood. It is covered with a stretched goat skin, the maravane made up of sugar canes aligned, is rectangular in shape. It is a sort of box containing pebbles, metal balls or seeds. The musician stirs the instrument to the desired rhythm to accompany the singer and other instruments. Nowadays, the sega has incorporated guitar and other modern instruments.

The hieratic figures of the séga are Ti Frere, Serge Lebrasse, Michel Legris, Cassiya and recently Sandra Mayotte, Alain Ramanisum, Linzy Bacbotte, Laura Beg, Caroline Jodun, Mary Jane Gaspard and Zulu.