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Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritius obviously has the best cuisine between Beirut and Beijing. The island has taken advantage of kitchens as “tasty” as those of India, China and Europe, not to mention its creole component, of African descent. It is often spicy and tasty.

One of the known dishes is briani, a kind of rice mixed with chicken, vegetables and spices, cleverly concocted by Muslims, but closely followed by mines or chow mein, vegetable and chicken meat, vindaye, dholl puri, rougaille, daube, halim and of course, the must-see curry called curry in Mauritius.

Based on rice, although bread and pasta are much appreciated, meals are often accompanied by candied peppers, mazavarou (chili paste), chutneys or chatini. The amuse-bouche (gajacks) sold on each street corner are numerous: gateau piments, samoussas, fried breads, chanapouris …

Our specialties are:

  • Tomatoes Chatini or cotomili chatini
  • Chicken curry or fish curry accompanied by lentils, bred and chatini
  • The briani
  • The reversed Bowl
  • Chayote gratin
  • Fried rice or fried noodles
  • Rougailles
  • Mauritian meat or fish delicacies.
  • Lobsters, camarons, octopus, marlin
  • Deer meat
  • Dholl puri
  • Chayotes fricassee
  • Faratas
  • Samosas
  • Chinese soups
  • Indian style sweet potato cake (Gateau patate)
  • Vindaye